We are a group of entrepreneurs who have successfully created and launched several startups. Now we are working together with big companies and helping them to innovate in the startup way.

Our mission is to create and launch new digital products and services. We focus on technical, design and business areas.


Our architecture is the result of having carried out both entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship projects for large companies.

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If you want to know more about our methodology, send us an email at [email protected].

We create customized teams according to project’s needs: Product management, technical management, growth hacking, UX / UI, visual design, full stack development, back & front development, iOS & Android development, etc. Teams are led by:
Img aitorg

Aitor Grandes

Img angell

Ángel Luengo

Img mar

Mar Garachana
Visual Designer

Img borja

Borja Hormigos
Product Manager

Img cris

Cristina Erre
Brand Experience

Img anton

Anton Zverev
FullStack Developer


Rubén Fernández Morales
Product Manager


Javier Fernández
Technical Manager


Marta González
Financial Manager


Maria Alejandra
Project Manager


Paco Martin
UX/UI Designer

We feel passionate about creating new digital products and services. We are #productmakers.

We work as a startup, with agile methodologies and iterative processes.

We work both on creation of the digital product and its market launch.

We do not understand a digital product without working technology, design and business all together at the same time.

We have a proven and scalable technology stack.

We like simple, elegant and minimal design that makes life easier for people.

We use state of the art HW and SW tools. Just tell us what you need.

Our office is any place with a wifi connection.

Our working hours adapt to our lives.

If you want to build the digital services of the future, contact us: [email protected]

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