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product definition

The first step in our methodology is product definition. This stage includes the preliminary research work, market size, competition, persona definition, etc, finishing in the first wireframes. It's our first deliverable and the project's most relevant document because in it you can find its vision and reach.

technological architecture

Once we have the product's reach, we define the architecture and technological stack to be used in the project. Currently, we work with architectures based on microservices and technologies such as node.js and angular. We rely on a tried and tested technological stack from previous projects that allows us to spread out a new product very quickly.

design system

Once the product and technology are clear, we start to work on the UX/UI design. Always with a design that answers the user's needs. We like to create design systems for each client, so they can be used in the whole digital products family the client may want to develop. We work with tools such as Sketch and Zeplin that make the work between designers and developers easier.

team building

Until this moment in the process, we relied on a Product Manager, a Technical Manager and a UX/UI Designer. Once the client has approved the product's reach, the technological architecture and the design, it is time to incorporate the remaining team members: developers (front and back), devops, etc.

mvp product

Once the team is complete, we reach the MVP's execution phase, where we use flexible and iterative methodologies. The time to roll out a new product or service depends on its complexity, we should define MVPs that allow us to launch the product to market and gather user feedback in the shortest amount of time possible.

go to market

And finally, we handle the Go To Market both on inbound and outbound channels. In addition, we like to use Growth Hacking techniques, for which we create mixed teams of marketing profiles and engineers working side by side.

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Aitor Grandes
Aitor Grandes
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Ángel Luengo
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Paco Martin
UX/UI Designer
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Visual Designer
Cristina Erre
Brand Experience
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Marta González
Financial Manager
Javier Fernández Anton Zverev
Javier Fernández
Technical Manager
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FullStack Developer
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Rubén Fernández Morales
Product Manager
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Project Manager
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