We are a Startup Studio based in Madrid. We build both internal and 3rd party projects. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and companies to create and launch new digital products and services to improve people's life. We focus on technical, design and business areas.


We offer two types of services

On the one hand, we partner with the biggest and smartest brands to create the best digital products and services. In this sense we apply methodologies such as Product Management, Lean Startup, UX Design, Agile, etc. and we work: Front, Back, iOS, Android, etc.

On the other hand, we partner with founders and companies to create new startups, and build teams to scale them as independent companies.


MetaStartup is an initiative of the same management team that 24symbols.com, a service to read digital books based on a subscription model. Similar to Netflix for video or Spotify for music. Basically you pay a flat fee of 9 €/month and you can read a large international portfolio of titles. Currently we have 1'2M users of which 10% are paying users.

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Aitor Grandes, CEO

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Ángel Luengo, CTO

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Fabian Pedrero, Business Dev.

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Diana Arizmendi, UX/UI.

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Sergio Calderón, Developer



Universities and Business Schools

Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, Instituto de Empresa IE, ESIC, ISDI, ESNE, Impact Business School, Google Activate.

Accelerators & Startup Programs

Tetuan Valley, Open Talent, Techhub, Barlab de Mahou, Ship2b, AsturValley, Campus for Moms and Dads, Seedrocket, GeeksHubs, Conector, Demium Startups.


We are hiring


Objetive-C, Swift, React Native.


Java, React Native.

Ruby & Rails

MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Google Cloud Platform, Stripe, Sidekiq, Docker.


HTML5, CSS3, HAML, SASS, jQuery.


Web and Mobile product design.


Tell us what you fell passionate about and what you would love to do.